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The Fat loss handbook

Are you fed up of making no progress with your fat loss, or losing weight only to gain it all back again within a matter of months? 


Are you done with throwing money at fat loss products, weight loss clubs and ineffectual coaches who over complicate the process while charging you hundreds of pounds per month?

I want to teach you how to live, not just how to diet. 

Imagine going out to dinner and choosing the food you want instead of trying to figure out the calories and macros and shoehorn it into your daily calorie allowance. 

Imagine making peace with food and living a life where food no longer occupies your every thought. 

The Fat Loss Handbook is more than just a book, it's a specially formulated coaching programme. I'm here to teach you how to lose body fat and keep it off without extremes or restriction in a self-paced coaching guide to take you step-by-step through the fat loss process.


In addition to the book, you will also gain access to support and accountability in a private Facebook community.


The book is split into 10 weeks of nutrition education, coaching, tasks and resources to completed at your own pace with 24/7 support from me in the dedicated Facebook group. 



What People Say

It’s fantastic, well structured, clear explanations and I love the interactive parts.  It gives the client the tools to both understand and take control of their goals without complication

Love it so simple to understand and grasp .

You covered every aspect and more with habits and pitfalls that people make when on a fat loss journey

This is the most influential book I have ever read and I really feel that my battles with nutrition and fat loss are at an end.

10 weeks of fat loss coaching?

Do you need the accountability as well as the knowledge? 

Join the 10 week 1:1 Fat Loss program! 


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