The Fat Loss Handbook FAQ

Q. I have special dietary needs, can I use the Fat Loss Handbook? 

A. Yes! because there are no prescribed foods or dietary protocols, The Fat Loss Handbook works for all diets, lifestyles and preferences.

Q. What's in it? 

A. SO MUCH STUFF! Broadly speaking, it covers the basics of calories and macronutrients, how to calculate your calories and macros if you want to track them, strategies to lose fat without tracking, how to maintain a good relationship with food and nutrition for health and wellbeing. There are also meal planning resources for planning out your weekly menu and teaching you how to design your meals, so that you know what and how much you should be putting on your plate to make meals delicious, nutritious and helpful for fat loss.

Q. What if there are bits that I don't understand or I have questions about my nutrition?

A. As an owner of The Fat Loss Handbook, you can have access to the private Facebook community, where I'll be on hand to help out with any and all questions and conundrums! 

If you feel like you need additional support and guidance for the 10 weeks, you can join the Fat Loss Handbook 10 week programme! Read more about it and book your place HERE

Q. Are there set times that I can join The Fat Loss Handbook 10 week programme? 

A. No! To make sure that we keep the quality of the coaching high, numbers are limited. However, as long as spaces are available, you can join at any time! 

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