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The Fat Loss Handbook Method

The 10 week 1:1 fat loss programme teaching you how to create a healthy diet, lifestyle and weight loss results that last a lifetime.

Let me guess... you're fed up with dieting?

You’ve been losing and regaining the same few kilos for the last 12+ months and you can’t work out what you’re doing wrong.


Why you can lose the weight with a big 6 week dieting effort, but you can never maintain that weight loss.


Maybe you can’t get past the end of the second week of a diet without wanting to eat your own toes.


Despite trying everything.


Low carbs, low fat, clean eating, tracking your calories... you just can’t find the thing that works for you.


You've probably been sold the "Magic Fat Loss Secret" before, and that's why you're here now. Because all of those magical fat loss secrets, quick fixes and fad diets have left you right back where you started and you're sick of it.

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Start your journey now

Ready to get started?

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It's time to do something that WORKS!

This 10-week approach will find the fat loss methods that works for you to get you losing fat and keeping it off forever, with a process that you can actually enjoy for once.


Instead of forcing celery juice and cabbage soup down your throat.


The 10 week structured programme will take you through the entire process of setting up your life for successful, lifelong weight loss maintenance by guiding you through the Fat Loss Handbook, setting weekly tasks and checking in with me every week to make the changes and adjustments that you need.


The Fat Loss Handbook Method is a tried and tested programme to get you losing fat without hating your life.


undecided? Drop me an email to chat about coaching

What's included?

  • Your copy of The Fat Loss Handbook

  • 10 weeks of 1:1 coaching with me, so that we can find the right methods for you as quickly and efficiently as possible

  • Weekly accountability via a weekly online check in

  • Access to the C.F Nutrition video library with new content posted regularly

  • Access to me via email WHENEVER YOU NEED, so that you’re not just stuck wondering what you should do

  • Lifetime access to private content, coaching and Q&A sessions in The Fat Loss Handbook Facebook group

  • Lifetime access to a community of people in exactly the same position as yourself, sharing tips, tricks, advice and support.

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Ready to go?

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Let me show you around the programme

Want to get a sneak peek at the contents of course? Hit the button below to take a look around the Fat Loss Handbook Method and see what you'll be doing and how we'll be working together for the next 10 weeks!


This is what you get when you sign up!

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