This package deal includes the best of both worlds from The Fat Loss Handbook and my 1:1 nutrition coaching. 


In this 10 week programme, I'll walk you through the process of finding what works for you when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off and you'll be able to check in with me weekly to keep an eye on your progress and keep you moving in the right direction.


What is included?


- A copy of the Fat Loss Handbook 


- Access to the private Facebook community with additional resources and content from me


- 10 weeks of online check ins and in depth personalised feedback


- Unlimited email contact throughout the course duration


- Follow up check ins beyond the 10 weeks 


- A renewed sense of confidence, empowerement and self-esteem


- A life long approach to nutrition 


What is The Fat Loss Handbook?


This 200 page journal style guide to nutrition for fat loss is specifically designed to take you from A-Z in your weight loss journey and free you forever from the fad diets and yo-yo diet cycle.

I got fed up of coaches charging through the nose for fat loss advice, so I put my expertise and qualifications (BSc and MSc in Nutrition) to good use to create this affordable, easy to use guide for improving your own nutrition and developing your own fat loss plan that's unique to your lifestyle and goals.

The book covers aspects such as:

- The fat loss mindset
- Calculating your calories and macros
- Different approaches to nutrition for fat loss
- Goal setting
- Monitoring your progress
- Building sustainable habits

To name a few aspects!



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The Fat Loss Handbook +1:1 Coaching