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3 great reasons NOT to do cocaine (+ some helpful nutrition tips)

I'm SURE you're not the type of person who's weekend plans involve cocaine, but just in case they are, I want to give you some good reasons why you might want to rethink that. And if that's not your weekend plans, then hopefully this blog will be entertaining and informative anyway as I've sprinkled a few other helpful pieces of information in there for you too. (and yes, before anyone points it out, this blog post is a criticism of our society and to a greater extent, the fitness and nutrition industry where cocaine usage is rampant. I hate it. I wish people would stop doing it). Cocaine fact no. 1) Cocaine reduces neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the brains ability to change, adapt and learn.... essentially, remodelling of our neural circuitry in positive ways. Children tend to have greater neuroplasticity, which is why they make great learners. Cocaine fucks with that ability. Because of how cocaine affects the dopamine pathways, neuroplasticity is limited after taking cocaine, which limits your ability to learn. The brain goes into a state where it cannot modify itself and learn. While there isn't a specific time frame for this, we know the effects are long lasting. Other helpful tip no.1) It doesn't matter how hard you're working if you're working really hard on the wrong thing. It doesn't matter if you're cutting out sugar for weight loss if it doesn't put you into a calorie deficit. It doesn't matter if you go keto and try really hard at it if it doesn't put you into a calorie deficit. It doesn't matter if you're working hard at running the same 5km route every single time if you're not varying your training enough to see any progress. Hard work doesn't automatically mean you'll get results. Cocaine fact no. 2) It makes everything else in your life feel shit. This is because it reduces your baseline levels of dopamine. It doesn't do this straight away, in fact, to begin with you get a huge dopamine release. And when I say huge...I mean HUGE. Sex more or less doubles dopamine levels in the body. Cocaine leads to a 10x increase in dopamine. But with every huge dopamine release you get the mirror image drop below baseline levels of dopamine that results in a feeling of pain. So a huge dopamine increase = a huge plummet. Maybe not physical pain, but enough of a discomfort for you to want to chase the cocaine again. You've heard of a comedown? Yeah... that painful drop in dopamine is the comedown. It makes everything in your life feel shite and it takes a while to recover the capacity to feel good about things again. Other helpful tip no. 2) If you want to reduce how much you eat, make your plate smaller, simple. Your brain will perceive a full plate to be filling, almost regardless of how big the plate is (within reason). Other helpful tip no. 3) Less food isn't always the answer to weight management. Sounds counterintuitive doesn't it! But making your meals lower in calories isn't always the answer to your weight loss dilemmas. In fact, sometimes it can be helpful to eat MORE in a meal, if it helps you to eat less overall. For example, a 600kcal lunch made up of chicken breast, potatoes and stir fried veggies is very filling. I can almost guarantee that it'll keep you full until dinner. And might even lead to you having a smaller dinner on not fancying dessert because you're full. It'll help wayyy more than if you have a 300kcal lunch... followed by 300kcals worth of picking at snacks, and 300 extra kcals at dinner because you're starving and then a 500kcal pudding because you spent all day hungry because you didn't have enough lunch. Have a bigger lunch and thank me later. Cocaine fact no. 3) It makes you a bit of a dick. It's also mega expensive. If you stopped doing cocaine, you'd be able to spend 10 weeks being coached by me instead. Have a cracking weekend Lots of Love


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