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Is this the reason you're not losing weight?

If you're diligently tracking your calories and seemingly staying within a calorie deficit every day, yet not making any progress towards your fat loss goal, chances are, you're not tracking correctly.

This is incredibly common and there a little bits and pieces which are often forgotten but can add up over the course of days and weeks to throw you out of the deficit that you're working hard for.

There are 2 huge culprits that I see time and time again. Are you forgetting to track either of these?

1) Cooking oil

Each tablespoon of oil adds 100-120 calories to your food. Next time you cook, make sure you add this to your tracking.

If you are already tracking your cooking oil, reassess to ensure you're tracking it accurately. Instead of estimating how much you use, try measuring out a tablespoon or 2!

2) Liquid calories

All calories count towards your daily energy intake, including liquid calories. If you're not tracking the calories that you're consuming from milk, juice, fancy coffee's, etc, now is the time to start doing that.

Have a go at tracking any milk that you add to cereal or porridge too! This may be enough to be pushing you out of a calorie deficit and would help to explain why you're struggling to lose weight.

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