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Fat Loss Diets are kind of like Orgasms

Hear me out, I promise that this makes sense and I'm not just trying to come up with some clickbait title to make you read a boring article.

One of the most common comments I get from people is, "Charlotte, there's just so much information about fat loss and all of it is conflicting, I don't know what to do or where to start, I'm so confused."

The confusion here lies in understanding the difference between principles and methods.

This is where orgasms come in to the equation!

If you want to reach the point of orgasm, there's a million and one ways to get there. Maybe you do it alone, maybe you do it with somebody else... perhaps it happens in a group setting.

Maybe you get off on a bit of rough and tumble or maybe your thing is slow and steady. You might get hot under the collar at the thought of being fluffy handcuffed to your bed, spanked and calling your partner Daddy.

Perhaps there's toys involved, perhaps not.

Hey, I read that some people can finish just by thinking about it hard enough or listening to some particular music that does it for them.

All of these are methods.

All of these methods adhere to a principle.

That principle being "stuff that turns you on".

As we just described, the stuff that turns you on will look different for everybody and what floats one persons boat will sink somebody else's. Heck, you might even use a mixture of these methods. But they will all take people closer to the desired result of the "Big O", despite being vastly different in nature.

Some people might try all of these methods and STILL really struggle to "get there".

Fat loss is no different.

A million different methods, although admittedly, in the case of fat loss, some methods do tend to have a higher success rate than others.

Keto, veganism, low carb high fat, high carb low fat, paleo, carnivore diet, plant-based diet, IIFYM, counting points or S9yns, tracking, not tracking, intuitive eating..... I could probably go on forever.

These are just methods, and if these methods are to be effective for fat loss, they need need to adhere to a principle.

For fat loss, that principle happens to be a calorie deficit.

Do what suits you. I don't really care if that's keto. If that's the thing that's going to help you, amazing.

You don't even have to stick to one method, you can use multiple methods, you can swap methods within a given day, just make sure that it keeps you in a deficit if your aim is fat loss.

Like orgasms, some people might just find fat loss really flipping difficult to achieve and that doesn't make you broken, it just makes you human.

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